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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you hire a criminal as a babysitter for your child? It would be horrendous for sure! Thus, keeping background checks is must for the people who will interact with you somehow in future. There are various background checks such as employment drug testing, professional license verification, employment verification, tenant background checks, international background checks, motor vehicle reports etc.

Actually, the background check services helps in disclosing personal traits of a person including his historical records and achievements. Isn’t it magical to have such a great amount of data available at a click? Indeed, its desirable. All thanks to USA Background Check services who have been helping with screening, verification, and streaming of background checks timely.

Haven’t you checked into their website yet? Now is the time to check! Because Background Check Services is providing extremely useful commercial and consumer services. So if you run an institution, or you need to run a background check on someone, you should know where to look first!

There are many services provided by Background Check Services. We can categorize them as:

  1. Screening services
  2. Verification services
  3. Reportable services

The list is further expanded if every category is studied deeply. USA Background Checks offers a broad selection of commercial background check services that include pre-employment, background, drug testing and tenant screening solutions. Our dedicated customer service staff and account executives take great pride in providing our clients with unmatched service and a first-class experience.

USA Background Check Services is pre-determined to meet all of the background and screening service needs. From pre-employment screening to comprehensive background reports, USA Background Checks provides the clients with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.


USA Background Check Services has focused on providing its clients one of the best platform where all  beneficial information resides. Their commercial services include local and international screening reports and records. This highly facilitates the cause of overseas employment, and intelligence agencies. The Commercial screening services provided by Background Check Services are:

  • Employment background check services
    • County Criminal Search Records
    • National Criminal Search Records
    • Global Homeland Security Search (also known as Patriot Act)
    • Person Search (aka Social Security Number Verification)
    • Credit Reports (Employees and Consumer)
    • Motor vehicle report
    • Employment Verification
    • Education Verification
    • Workers Compensation report search
    • Instant State Criminal Records Search
    • Federal Criminal Records Search
    • International Criminal Records Search
    • FACIS (Health Sanction Search)
  • Tenant Background check
    • Credit Reports (includes Credit Score)
    • National Sex Offender Search
    • National Criminal Records Search
    • Eviction search
    • Landlord references
  • Contractor Background Check Services
    • County Criminal Search Records
    • Credit Reports (includes Credit Score)
    • Motor vehicle report
    • National Criminal Records Search
    • Global Homeland Security Search
    • Person Search
    • Employment Verification
    • Education Verification
    • Workers Compensation Report Search
    • Instant State Criminal Records Search
    • Federal Criminal Records Search
    • International Criminal Records Search
  • Volunteer Background Check Services
  • Employment Drug Testing and Drug Screening services
  • International Background Checks


In this day and age, customer individual verifications have turned into a regular fragment of daily existence – from tracking down a sitter or new occupants, to screening volunteers and surprisingly new church individuals. Both yourself and individuals you communicate with are affected by the consequences of a personal investigation. Customer personal investigations are digging in for the long haul, and may even become as normal as having some espresso in the first part of the day.

USA Background Checks offers an assortment of buyer record verification administrations and reports. Their tenant and volunteering background checks are accessible on the web and immediately in only 15 minutes. We likewise offer national sex offender background checks party personal investigations, customer driving records, state criminal check reports and credit reports. If it’s not too much troublesome, you can reach their service to acquire or register your own data.

This US based international background check service is surely legitimate and a trusted service. You can find its Policy and Privacy section here. Furthermore, they possess certificates including the Cyber Security SSL Certificate which protects their website. They work strictly under the constitution of USA, but respects international jurisdictions equally.


The Screening Consumer Services provided by USA Background Check Services are:

  1. Instant Tenant Screening Background Checks
    • Our Instant Tenant Background Check incorporates the accompanying searches:
      • Past Address History
      • Your candidates can’t stow away or discard past addresses
      • Past Criminal Records History
      • Public Sex Offenders Registry Records
      • (Patriotic Act) Terrorist Watch List
      • Acknowledge Report for FICO score
      • Public Eviction Records History
  2. Instant Volunteering Screening Background Check
    • It is progressively significant that associations lead legitimate due perseverance with volunteers, particularly the individuals who work with youngsters and other in danger populaces. Our InstaScreen™ volunteer screening programming empowers volunteer candidates to finish up, pay for, and electronically sign applications and divulgences from any area with an internet browser and Internet association, giving volunteer associations a financially savvy, solid, and secure means to ensure their inclinations.
      • Our Instant Volunteer Screening Background Check incorporates the accompanying inquiries:
      • Past Address History Search
      • Past Criminal Records History
      • Public Sex Offenders Registry Records
      • (Patriotic Act) Terrorist Watch List
  3. Driving records – Motor Vehicle Reports
    • This report gives a summary of your motor vehicle history for at least three to seven years. Each state’s charges and length of report might change. This does not guarantee any international motor vehicle search.

  1. State Criminal Records
    • This report provides a summary of the crimes committed within the boundaries of state including violation of jurisdictions. Any violation of the rules and regulations is included in the report.
  2. Credit Reports by FICO


  1. Security department:
    • Keeping a background check of every individual allows the security agencies to deduce a reasonable conclusion.
    • This augments accuracy, and decreases risk.
    • Example: Every air travel service runs background checks on the individuals to avoid threats to any other passenger.
  2. Employment verification and Employment Drug Testing
    • Every recruiting and hiring agency verifies that their candidate is clean in all terms.
    • Checks such as Employment Drug Testing, Employment Verification, National Sex Offense records are searched.
    • Employment Drug Testing is to know how much a drug addict an employee is.
    • Criminal records are searched as well.
    • Educational checks help in validating the qualifications of an individual
    • Example: You wish to hire a nanny for your child. Therefore, you should hire a nanny and not some criminal. 
  3. Federal Authentication Departments
    • The departments which validate, and authorize certain elements such as passport or driving license.
    • Professional license verification is a mighty advantage of Background checks.
    • Having such a large database assists every individual to request verification, validation, and authorization of their license.


Conclusively, USA Background Check Services provide a wide variety of screening and verification services. These services include commercial and consumer services. Their magnificent services provide employment drug testing, tenant background checks, international background check, employment verification, professional license verification, motor vehicle reports and many other background check services. Being trusted by federal organizations of US, USA Background Checks has been entrusted with certain certifications. Their aim is to be a business partner more than being only a background check service. Thus, you can easily find them here whenever you wish to!