Why It’s Important to Include SSN Trace within Background Checks

Why It's Important to Include a SSN Trace within Background Checks

Why does USA Background Checks recommend including the person search (SSN Trace) when ordering background checks?

The Person Search (Social Security Number Trace) Background Check adds many values and reasons as to why this search should always be included when researching a person’s criminal background check, even though these reasons aren’t necessarily what most people think they are. In most cases, criminal records are not linked to a person’s social security number, which means having a social security background check only search doesn’t show a person’s past convictions.


However, what is linked to a person’s social security number is their name address histories.  These histories are very important because most criminal background checks depend largely on two pieces of information that can change throughout someone’s life: a person’s legal name and where that person lives.



A person’s name matters because criminal records are usually filed by a person’s legal name and their date of birth. The findings of this information could have a negative effect on a person who is currently seeking employment opportunities; someone whose concerned about this type of negative information and the potential impact from obtaining employment, may cause a potential candidate to become deceptive when providing the correct information about themselves and they into trying to hide criminal records from the employer by changing their name, using an alias, purposely providing an incorrect date of birth.


The address history matters because this helps the CRAs such as USA Background Checks, in determining which counties, states, and federal jurisdiction, will have a higher influence when researching a person’s Criminal Background Check because most criminal charges filed, will begin at the county level, and most crimes committed are usually closer to their residence or staying,  As a result, knowing where a person has lived beyond their current address is considered a key component when  beginning the process of conducting a person’s criminal background check  and uncovering someone’s past criminal history.


Why does USA Background Checks Sale Associates Suggest including the Person Search (SSN Trace) when setting up my Company Account into their platform?  

Our associates have continued professional training, knowing it’s Important for Employers to incorporate this into their Companies Employment Screening Packages to help provide more accurate reports


Employer’s value the Person Search (Social Security Number Trace) when ordering criminal background checks on new or current employees as a critical starting point for the rest of the background check process.


The Person Search (SSN Trace) provides additional names that are associated with the Social Security Number being searched. Including a person who has decided to change their name, has maidan names, or known aliases. Employer’s may choose to have the criminal searches preformed and include these additional names found providing the employer with the most accurate information available.

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