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Continuous Monitoring

This proactive measure and post-employment monitoring techniques are more important now than ever before.

Add an extra level of protection through continuous monthly monitoring

    Conducted Searches:

  • National Criminal Records – This is a search of over 600 million records nationwide provided by state repositories, county criminal records, police records, and department of corrections data.
  • National Criminal Alias Search – This is a search that will include any and all names associated with the subject of the report based on the social security trace.
  • National Sex Offender Registry – This is a search from all 50-state sex offender registry of level II and III offenders.

Employers that elect to include continuous criminal monitoring within their  workforce must make sure they have updated their background screening  policy to reflect this and or any other changes. In addition, employers  should ensure background check releases have an evergreen clause that  will allow future screenings if it should become needed.

This proactive measure and post-employment monitoring techniques are  more important now than ever before. As a part of your annual   background  check policy or continuous monitoring policy, USA   Background  Checks offers an added level of protection through   continuous monthly monitoring on all new and existing hires. Your   Company’s written policy should be reviewed and approved by your legal   counsel to ensure compliance with any and all local, state, or federal laws.

Continuous criminal monitoring is available for an additional low monthly fee per applicant. If updated records are found on an applicant, USA   Background Checks can re-initiate a full Background Check to re-verify   records at the county and state level.

 **Any “hits” from the above databases must be researched in the county or state of record to ensure maximum possible accuracy when reporting the adverse information.**
   Employers must determine if they are going to be reactive or proactive when it comes to protecting their business. The screening should not stop upon hire.

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